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  The recording project is scheduled for April 22nd-26th, 2017.

  This project is with my long time friend and collaborator Walt Scott, a pianist from the Nashville area.  Walt has toured with everyone from Victor Wooten to Tanya Tucker.  We first met and formed an instant musical connection while touring with the group Big Mike and the Booty Pappas, a blues band from Macon.  It was soon after that while attending MTSU we had met drummer Nioshi Jackson and formed our jazz group Freedom Jazz Planet.  Whether we were performing an original or a basic jazz standard it was always with an intense energy.  A connection developed with Walt and I much like that of twins that complete each other's sentences but with us it was with musical ideas.  After I moved back to New York in 2000, Walt and I continued to be close friends and toured with various projects around Nashville and Upstate New York.  

  We decided finally in 2013 to formally get in a room and write together again and in 2013 was our first writing session.  The first project folder was named PL13 after the former Planet group and the year with the first four tracks titled PL1-4.  This started an ongoing relation of the number four, thirteen, and planets.  For example when I visited Walt in 2013, i arrived on Earth Day April 22nd (April the 4th month, and 2&2 adding to 4 as well.)  This year I am going down and arriving on Earth Day again and it was coincidence, this happened to be the only free weekend that we could find in the upcoming months!  When reading about planet events I came across an article about the Cassini spacecraft that is studying Saturn.  It is in its 13th and final year of discovery as they plan on decending it into Saturn for a final plunge on April 22nd! ( The 13, 4 and Earth Day again.)  It also discovered the first Exoplanet along with Hubble that is Earth sized and may have an ocean on its surface and harbor life. The day of the press conference is 4/13 and that is also Walt's birthday!  This stuff goes on and on from receiving random planet macaroni gifts to references that can't be made up about the correalation of these things.

  The album will be recorded in Nashville live in the studio with Walt on grand piano, special guests on Upright Bass and Drums, and myself on Tenor sax and EWI.  The title of the CD will be called PL13 and feature several tracks of original material co-written by Walt and I.  I will keep you posted and check the VLOG for clips from the studio and trip.



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